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"Janice's title at Extrovertic was Senior Technical Project Manager. But it just as easily could have been Senior Digital Educator. Developer. Presentation designer. Mentor. Or any number of other titles. Janice has an amazingly broad skill set and will be a major asset to any business. Or should I say assets?”

Mark Drossman, Founding Partner, Chief Creative Extrovert, Extrovertic

"Janice has at least one gazillion talents and managing projects in a timely fashion is just one that I witnessed at Extrovertic. Janice has a talented eye for design detail (and copy detail, for that matter). She's bilingual - speaking Creative as well as Account - making the work flow smoothly. She's unfazed by hard work, getting her jobs done first and helping others. She created order from chaos, helping keep projects in bite-sized pieces that we could all focus on. Janice is also a bit of a magician, turning the ridiculous into the actionable. So no matter what language your agency babbles, Janice can translate projects into on-time, on-budget, no-surprises deliverables.”

Pete Van Bloem, Content Simplifying Extrovert, Extrovertic

"Janice is a passionate, multi talented project manager. She's a no nonsense type of person who cares about your business and talented team. She would be an asset to anyone's business that wants the same.”

Valerie Bugtai-Elias, EVP, Chief Account Extrovert, Extrovertic

"Janice and I worked together at a very busy agency. Through all the client demands—both reasonable and unreasonable—she was pro-active, organized, and unflappable. Equally impressive is her digital knowledge. Janice would be a terrific addition to any team smart enough to grab her.”

Jacqi Berman, Lead RM Copy Extrovert, Extrovertic

"Janice was a tremendous asset to our team! Her skill set made our team more efficient and we could always count on her to deliver projects on time.”

Matthew Seltzer, Senior Account Executive, Extrovertic

"I worked with Janice for several years. She was an outstanding studio manager...hard-working, dedicated, and very knowledgeable about the technical aspects of studio operations. Always got the job done on time and within budget...she is a real pro.

Steve Frederick, Creative Director, Flashpoint Former Creative Director,
Ogilvy Healthworld

"I have known Janice for over 11 years. Janice is one of the most knowledgeable, professional, and, indeed, personable individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. She is an extremely resourceful person, a true subject matter expert, who always has the answer, or knows where to get it, skills that are in rare supply these days. To be simple, Janice knows her stuff. Janice has always demonstrated the ability to guide her staff and support their individual growth. As the director of studio operations for many years, Janice ensured that the studio was on the cutting edge and it enabled me, as an account person, to offer my clients the best products and services. I recommend her highly and hope we can work together in the future."

Caren Roth, VP, Group Account Supervisor, Ogilvy Healthworld

"I worked with Janice at JWT where she was the Studio Manager. I always found her to be professional, hard- working, responsive, dependable, and very conscientious. She made our lives a lot easier with her through knowledge of how to run a studio. I highly recommend her!"

Garland Goode, Creative Manager/Recruiter, J. Walter Thompson

"Janice is a wonderful studio manager and all around creative professional. She is organized, up-to- date with her technical knowledge and a pleasure to work with. At Ogilvy Healthworld, Janice and I supervised many complicated projects, launches and pitches together. I always felt like the studio production part of the process was in excellent hands. I highly recommend her."

Meg Levine, VP Group Art Supervisor, Ogilvy Healthworld

"I've had the pleasure to work with Janice on many major pharma accounts. Janice is a multi-skilled strategist with the ability to move between the worlds of creative pitches, studio production, and interactive development. She is also one of the most personable managers I've worked for: Friendly, compassionate, approachable, hands-on. I would recommend Janice to anyone looking for an experienced advertising professional."

Mike Szabo, retoucher, flash artist, production artist, Ogilvy Healthworld

"Excellent studio director."

Pedro Mateo, IT Director, Ogilvy Healthworld

"Janice is a highly skilled, detail oriented professional. She is a master at running a department and getting the job done. I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs a serious go getter with excellent leadership skills, as well as hands on technical skills. She is one of the people I learned the most from in a work environment."

Jennifer Adamowsky, Production Specialist/Art Director, Siebel Marketing Group

"I've had the pleasure of working closely with Janice throughout my tenure at Ogilvy. Janice is an extremely articulate, detail-oriented individual, serving my business needs whenever requested. Moreover, she displayed great care and compassion for her work which was not only effective with my brand, yet contagious! Whenever I requested her assistance, she would immediately focus her attention on my work and ensure I was covered by either her or delegate the tasks to her staff. She also demonstrated consistent follow-up to confirm accuracy and completeness. All are true characteristics of a competent Manager. While I miss our working relationship, any company would appreciate her diligence and impeccable work ethic."

Nicole Berman, Senior Account Executive, CDM

"Janice was my Studio Manager at Ogilvy and was a really wonderful boss. She was dedicated, ensured that we kept up with the latest technology... When Janice starts her new studio, I will definitely volunteer to follow her on to her next endeavor. She was not only a great boss, but is a exuberant person who I feel privileged to know."

Julia Livingston, Graphic Specialist, Ogilvy

"As a freelancer, you go from place to place and expect to be anonymous. Janice was a real leader in her studio, but also treated her employees with humanity. I saw many of the workflow enhancements she used in her shop, and they helped me develop similar structures down the line. I would gladly work "

Carol Thomas, Knipes Freelance Graphic Artist, Ogilvy Healthword

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